PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- A Pennsylvania man on the run from the U.S. Marshals and living under an assumed identity stolen from his girlfriend's ex-husband was arrested at his place of work in New Port Richey on Monday.

New Port Richey Police said that Justin Lane McCann, 25, has been charged with identity theft and obtaining property by false personal information in addition to an outstanding warrant out of Pennsylvania for violating his probation.

Police were tipped off to McCann's illegal activity when the victim, Steven Alexander Bohon, 25, of West Virginia was denied a car loan. The loan was rejected because McCann, using Bohon's name and identity, purchased a 2016 Kia Optima from the Friendly Kia dealership at 5819 U.S. Highway 19.

McCann's alleged fraudulent use of Bohon's name did not stop at the car purchase. McCann (as Bohon) was also employed at the Friendly Kia. He even started a relationship with the victim's ex-wife, who moved to Florida at about the same time Bohon's Social Security card went missing. McCann also obtained a copy of Bohon's birth certificate, which had information about Bohon's parents.

Bohon's ex-wife, now McCann's girlfriend, joined McCann this summer after McCann left Pennsylvania in March. She kept her last name and even posed as the fake Bohon's wife, according to the report.

The fraud was finally revealed by NPRPD officers following a tip from West Virginia authorities. Detective Williams initiated an investigation when he called the Friendly Kia and inquired if "Steven Bohon" was indeed an employee at the dealership.

With confirmation from the dealership, Williams ceased the phone call. McCann, working as Bohon, called Williams back and left a voicemail. Williams then went undercover and posed as a potential customer at the Friendly Kia to make a visual identification of McCann so patrol officers could arrest him.

As McCann was being placed under arrest, he continued to claim he was the real Bohon and went as far as telling officers the victim's information. However, a tattoo search matched U.S. Marshals' identification of the fugitive. Further confirmation was made when McCann's face matched up during a facial recognition scan performed at the Land O'Lakes Detention Center.

As for McCann's girlfriend, she has cooperated with the investigation and voluntarily provided a statement to detectives.

The case is still under investigation. Stay with 10News for more from this developing story.