POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- A Haines City man was arrested on attempted murder charges after he shot a another man twice following a catcalling incident.

Around 11: 49 p.m. Saturday night, Rolando Fernandez Rodriquez, 44, shot at the victim multiple times when the victim told Rodriquez and another man to stop staring and whistling at his wife, according to the Haines City Police report.

The victim, Bradley Mills, confronted the men in front of his residence at the 2300 block of Mason Avenue after his wife went back into the house. Mills then turned away from the men and continued to walk toward the house when he heard one of the men shout "Hey, come here" two to three times.

Mills turned around and saw Rodriquez holding a handgun. According to the report, Rodriquez allegedly fired once toward the ground then pointed the weapon at Mills. Rodriquez then fired one shot at Mills that missed him, causing Mills to retreat back to his residence.

Rodriquez then allegedly folllowed Mills and fired "three to four more times." Two bullets struck the victim in the stomach and groin area. Mills was able to return inside his house where his wife contacted 911.

After arriving at the scene, HCPD officers were able to locate and arrest Rodriquez at his home at 2314 Pine Avenue. He was transported to Polk County Jail on a charge of 2nd Degree Attempted Murder.

Mills was taken to Heart of Florida Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening wounds.