TAMPA, FL. - Tonight, the streets and sidewalks will be filled with little superheroes and princesses in search of candy, but if you’re not careful, a fun night could turn bad quickly. We reached out to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to get a few pointers on how to keep your little ones safe on Halloween.

  • Avoid costumes that obstruct vision or may be a tripping hazard. Face paint and form fitted masks are a better option vs. a tradition mask that is loose fitting and obstructs the wearer's vision.
  • Make sure the costume is highly visible, consider glow stick, reflective tape, L.E.D. lights like those used for bicycles, and flashlights. You want to make sure you are highly visible to motorists.
  • Use sidewalks when available, avoid walking in the roadway, and always cross using a crosswalk or at a safe location.
  • Travel in groups and parents should walk with small children.
  • Only go to houses with a porch light on.
  • Never go inside someone's house even if invited.
  • Inspect all candy before consuming it, never eat any candy that is not commercially packaged. If something appears to be tampered with, throw it away.