ST. PETERSBURG — You're probably feeling pretty stuffed from this weekend -- got some leftovers in the fridge and you know there's a lot more eating to come before New Years.

On average, a person gains about a pound over the holidays.

Doesn't sound like much, but you typically don't lose that pound the next year...and it adds up.

Whether you're traveling or sticking at home, 10News reporter Mark Rivera and personal trainer Andre Hudson have three exercises you can do right now to push that pound back.


Andre: So first of all -- keeping your hands on the ground -- you're going to crunch forward. Crunch forward. Now you can rotate side-to-side ending for the heel. Let the shoulders drop and keep the chin tucked.


Andre: Keep that knee bent right there nice and easy. Now slow down and ease back, nice and easy. Now all these right here can be modified so you can go a little slower. If you bend the knee when you're coming up that modifies it and it takes a little bit of the weight off the leg.

Go to the other side.

Remember you want to meet in the middle on these, you want to kind of meet in the middle and bring that leg a little higher.


Andre: Have your feet going in and out, and be ready go!

Just go nice and easy. No more than about a foot apart, just let that midsection sink down a little bit. Don't go too wide. If you're going a little too wide, you need more core control.

I don't know if Mark is going to be able to make the cut. I don't know. It might be his last little work out right here.

Now we're going down to the basic plank; now go ahead and ease down on these elbows.

Normally we would leave everybody in this position for a good hot minute. You don't want to damage that lower back, right? So you can't be down too low. Stay tight, focus, and down to the knees.

There are no excuses. If you have to do it yourself, do it yourself.