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Can’t find hand sanitizer? Make your own!

You just need to mix two or three simple ingredients together.
Credit: AP
(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam, File)

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla — While coronavirus is a serious concern, the fact is it remains far from the world’s most lethal virus.

But misinformation can spread faster than any disease – and some people are panicking. Growing fear has sparked runs for just about anything that can kill or block germs. Scrambling customers are clearing out store shelves, and there are reports of online price-gouging.

The Centers for Disease Control has said it’s important to remain calm while taking the proper precautions. So, what can you do if the basic germ-fighters become difficult to come by?

Credit: AP
Detroit middle school principal Deborah Charaman stocks up on Lysol disinfectant spray Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at a CVS near downtown Detroit. Charaman says she is concerned about the possibility of the Coronavirus reaching Detroit. The disinfectant is for staff at the school to use to wipe down desks and door knobs. (AP Photo/Corey Williams)

Well, when it comes to hand sanitizer – it’s really easy to make your own.


  • Alcohol (Forbes recommends 91 percent isopropyl, but cheap Vodka will work in a pinch)
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Essential oils (if you want to be fancy. This is what Good Housekeeping suggests)


  • Pour the alcohol into a small bottle until it’s between a quarter and third full.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with aloe vera gel
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils
  • Mix together

That’s it! 

Now, you have homemade hand sanitizer, and there’s no reason to fight the coronavirus crowds.

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