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How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting toddlers and babies

Childhood development experts worry kids could fall behind when it comes to social skills necessary to navigate a classroom.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are multiple studies that have found the COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us a little less socially savvy, but now experts say the pandemic could be especially troubling for toddlers and young children who haven't yet started school. 

Months of social distancing and isolation have led to many of forgetting exactly how to interact with other human beings in public settings. 

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Right now, younger kids are missing out on playgrounds and other activities that serve a larger purpose: getting them ready for pre-school. Experts worry kids will fall behind when it comes to social skills that will help them navigate a classroom. 

Group settings are also when adults are more likely to notice development delays in kids. The good news is there are options for parents. Many programs for toddlers have moved online, and many experts say these programs, while online, can be beneficial for kids. While there might not be enough time with their peers, childhood development experts say there is one benefit to kids spending so much time at home with their primary caregiver: it's good for their language and speaking skills. 

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