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Gaining control: How to manage anxiety over coronavirus

Whether it's our health, our kids, our job or our finances, COVID-19 is having a major impact on all of our lives.

CLEVELAND — Having anxiety over COVID-19 is not surprising, especially when the virus comes with so many unknowns.

We reached out to local Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust.

She is the Director of Integrative Medicine and Senior Services for Lake Health Hospital. Dr. Lori says the key to managing this type of anxiety is gaining control back over the situation. That involves feeling connected to other people, despite the current CDC recommendations of social distancing.

"We are social creatures, so this idea of social distancing feels so awkward and uncomfortable."

A way to gain control back is to try and stick to a daily schedule, especially when kids are at home. Also, reach out to vulnerable groups like senior citizens.

"Write letters, or make phone calls, use Skype, or do the Facetime. Make sure that we find a way to stay connected to each other," says Dr. Lori. "We're teaching a good lesson to our children but at the same time it's giving us a sense of purpose."

Dr. Lori says a lot of people may also have anxiety over not being able to be tested for COVID-19, due to an influx in patients. She says, hang tight.

"Unless you are having significant symptoms that warrants a trip to the hospital, 24 hours or 12 hours later, you can sit tight with those symptoms, nothing is going to be different in that period of time for you." She says anxiety and panic only make the symptoms worse.

For more advice, you can follow Dr. Lori's blog.

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