Human beings are pack animals. We have an instinctual desire to make social connections. So, when we’re told to physically distance ourselves from each other, it’s only natural to feel a little uncomfortable.

And because no one can tell us for sure how long the coronavirus pandemic will last, a lot of people are finding the cold reality of isolation a bit overwhelming.

Thankfully, we live in a world of technological advances our great-grandparents could never have imagined when the Spanish flu swept the globe a century ago. So, why not hit happy hour with your friends? Virtually, of course!

Here is a list of group video calling apps that can help you stay connected in the era of social distancing:

  • Group FaceTime: Have an iPhone or iPad? Apple makes it really easy to get your group together. And it has a cool feature that highlights the person speaking, so it’s easy to keep track of the conversation.
  • Skype: It’s a good option for Android users. The Microsoft-owned company allows you to virtually hang out with up to 25 of your closest friends. You can even switch back and forth between the front and rear cameras, so they can check out your latest social distancing cocktail.
  • Google Hangouts: This works on both Apple and Android, so it’s perfect for friends with diverging tastes in tech. It even lets you name the conversation, so feel free to get a little creative! There’s a 10-person limit, but you can have lots of fun spicing up the conversation with GIFs and emojis.
  • WhatsApp: More than a billion active users around the world can’t be wrong – right? The app helped break the messaging mold with voice recording years ago. Now, Facebook is running the show, and its video chat feature is quickly becoming an international must-have.
  • Facebook Messenger: Speaking of the social media juggernaut – this app lets you video chat with up to 50 people at once! If that sounds a bit unwieldy, you’re probably right – especially after a few cold ones. But it’s nice to know it’s an option. Family reunion, anyone?

So, keep your distance and stay safe. But know you don’t have to drink alone.

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