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Local brewery makes hand sanitizer to help community during shortage

3 Daughters Brewing is partnering with local charities, organizations and law enforcement for distribution.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — 3 Daughters Brewing announced they are making and bottling their own brand of four-ounce hand sanitizers. This was to help with the supply shortage due to COVID-19.

"There was a discussion going on here about everything that's going on. And we mentioned in there the shortage of toilet paper and a shortage of hand sanitizer," said Co-owner of 3 Daughters Brewing Mike Harting. "Desiree, who's our biochemist said that we can make it. We have the ingredients in house to make it this."

Harting said that he and his team wanted to help however they could.

"The great thing about sanitizer is it's alcohol-based. And in our industry, we have lots of alcohol," Director of Quality, Chemical Hygiene, and Safety Desiree Chubb said.

3 Daughters has three key ingredients to make their hand sanitizer: 99.99% isopropanol, distilled water, and a clear jelly base used for ultrasounds.

"All of them are really easy to come by obviously, but the most important thing is we have it here," said Chubb. "And it's something that our public doesn't have. So we're willing to make it for them."

According to Chubb, the St. Petersburg brewery is not using ethanol in their hand sanitizer. Ethanol is one of the ingredients used to make their beer, cider, and seltzers.

The hand sanitizer is not directly available to the public. 3 Daughters has planned to partner with local charities, organizations and law enforcement so they can distribute them to the community.

"As far as the community is concerned. We are one teeny tiny example of everything that is going on around us," said Harting. "You see small businesses and individuals stepping up everywhere. This is just the part that we can do."

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