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'Everyone should be vaccinated': DeSantis, Rubio encourages getting COVID-19 vaccine

Virus transmission rates are high in nearly every Florida county as the delta variant surges across the U.S.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Whether you’re old or young — or vote left or right, the COVID-19 delta variant doesn’t care.

That’s why state leaders like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio are encouraging Floridians to get their shots.

“These vaccines make it so that your chance of survival is pretty doggone close to 100 percent,” DeSantis said Wednesday during a press conference.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows transmission in Florida is high across the state, and hospitalization numbers are rising, which makes this the message that’s trending on both sides of the aisle.


"Everyone should be vaccinated. There’s no reason not to be vaccinated, I’m vaccinated, my family’s vaccinated,” Rubio said on "CBS This Morning." "This is really not a partisan issue.

"I don't care what the polling says, at the end of the day, the vaccine is the vaccine."

Can you get the virus after you’ve been vaccinated? Yes, but it is very rare. But Rubio notes, vaccinated people typically fare much better against the virus.

“You don’t go to the hospital, you don’t get intubated, and you don’t die,” he said.

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