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People under 65 deemed 'extremely vulnerable' to COVID-19 can now get the vaccine

Gov. Ron DeSantis added this newly eligible group in an executive order Friday.

TAMPA, Fla — Younger people at high-risk for COVID-19 now have more options to receive the vaccine.

Gov. DeSantis added people under 65 deemed by a physician to be "extremely vulnerable" for COVID-19 to the list of those eligible to receive the vaccine in Florida.

According to the executive order, those who fall into this group can register for the shot at local pharmacies and doctor's offices.

The governor quietly signed the new addition into effect in an executive order Friday but has not made a formal announcement. This leaves questions as to which health conditions are included in the order. It is also unclear if this new order applies to state and county-run vaccination sites.

The Florida Department of Health website lists high-risk conditions like chronic lung disease, heart conditions, obesity, and auto-immune diseases, but does not provide a full list of who might be eligible. 

Find out where to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment here.

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