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Experts reporting record employee burnout across various careers

Nursing home CNAs and certain tech fields are seeing employees quitting their jobs.

TAMPA, Fla. — Career advisor and executive coach Val Olson with Korn Ferry is seeing first hand more and more employees across a range of industries feeling the effects of burnout more than ever before.

“This is not business as usual,” Olson said. “A lot of people are working from home and things are taking longer. Even calling the utility company to get some information, instead of taking 10 minutes it’s taking 30 minutes, so people have less time people are doing more.”

At a COVID-19 roundtable Thursday in Clearwater, top medical executives and nursing home CEOs shared how burnout was impacting their ability to keep nurses and CNAs.

"We’ve struggled with the demands of the staff, the burn out of staff and staff getting sick,” Avante CEO Tricia Robinson said. “We have people wanting to leave our industry now.”

“If you have someone who’s burned out they’re really kind of feeling hopeless and checked out, they’re ready to be done doing what they’re doing," Olson said.

But, Olson says there are things employers can do to help.

“Employers should encourage their employees to take vacation time and also just let them know that they appreciate it," Olson said.

And, if you’re feeling burnt out, it may be time for a change. If that’s not possible, there are things you can do. Experts suggest creating a work from home routine and a specific space so you get to walk away when the day is over.

Also, create a virtual social time to interact with coworkers.

“If you even just add one self-care practice, getting a break and going out for a walk…if you can for five or 10 minutes, that will help,” Olson said.

Vacation time, eating right and exercise are all important as well.

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