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Ways you can still indulge your taste buds without falling off the health wagon

“You don’t want your metabolism to be up and down and up and down with three meals."

TAMPA, Fla. — You’ve likely heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen,” and it’s certainly true that it takes consistent good choices to benefit your overall health and fitness goals, but it doesn’t mean depriving yourself.

Reggie Harvey, the owner of Body Right By Reg, says balance is everything when it comes to planning meals. “We live in this awesome city with bars and restaurants and this good food."

When he orders a so-called "cheat meal," Harvey says, “I like to, me personally, feel like I earned that. So, yes I’m going to have a burger, yes my clients are going to have their cheat meal, but don’t let it be a cheat day."

He says, if this works for your mentality around meals, have a goal to earn your cheat meal. Once you attain it, for example, with three days of eating clean, let yourself indulge as a reward, “and then I’m going to get right back on track.” He says this will help you create a sustainable routine.

He also encourages people to have small meals throughout the day, instead of three larger meals. 

“You don’t want your metabolism to be up and down and up and down with three meals. Have a meal, a small meal, and a snack and a small meal and keep your metabolism working throughout the day.”

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