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Here's what you should stop doing right now to boost your immune system

Doctors say there are things we do every day that are harming our immune system.

TAMPA, Fla. — As we head into flu season and continue to stay protected from the coronavirus, there are things we are doing that can actually harm our immunity.

Want to avoid that? Here's what you should stop doing as soon as you can. 

Smoking, stressing (both physical and psychological), eating too many processed foods, drinking too much, and not having proper dental care like brushing and flossing.

Doctors say our bodies cannot work if they don't have what they need. 

"So think of your body as somewhat temperamental like a race car. If you put bad fuel into it, you don't put the right amount of oil, or too much or too little, it runs too thick and you can clog up the parts," Dr. Rand McClain, Chief Medical Officer of LCR Health said. 

You have to have a good diet and exercise to keep your body healthy and boost your immunity. 

Below are some additional tips to help keep you healthy: 

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