ORLANDO -- The NFL has partnered with an Oklahoma-based company to make the 2017 Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium in Orlando 'autism-friendly.'

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the program to better accommodate families with autistic football fans at the game is the first of its kind for any professional sports leagu.

Families who attend the game on Sunday can receive "Sensory Sacks" with noise-canceling headphones, squeeze toys and stickers to let others know that their children are differently-abled. There will also be an on-site quiet room if the game experience is too much.

The league has partnered with A-OK Autism, who previously worked with the Seattle Seahawks franchise in a similar program to make their games autism-friendly.

"Our goal is to make the game as family-friendly as possible. We want to see if this is something the fans take advantage of and, if so, whether we can extend it to the Super Bowl and perhaps share it with the rest of the league," the NFL senior vice president of social responsibility Anna Isaccson told the Sentinel.

Fans will be directed to pick up the sensory sacks on game day though an in-stadium announcement.