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Exercise expert says tackling fitness goals starts with a checkup

“A tip that a lot of people neglect and forget about is getting your bloodwork done."

TAMPA, Fla. — Are you ready for that fit physique in 2023? Reggie Harvey, the owner of Body Right By Reg, says setting yourself up for fitness success in 2023 should start with a physical.

“A tip that a lot of people neglect and forget about is getting your bloodwork done. I think it’s really important, especially as we get older, past the age of 30, that our hormone levels go all over the place. Having kids, sitting at a desk all day. It goes up and down and all over the place, and you can’t get to your fitness goals if your body is off.”

Harvey says to have your doctor check your testosterone and estrogen levels because they need to be at healthy levels before you can reach your fitness goals.

Once you’ve been checked, start slow and steady. 

“Just move. Get to the gym once or twice a week and don’t burn yourself out. Stay active. Stop sitting down all day. Do things with your kids, go out, get out of the house,” Harvey explains. 

He says to ease into your routine with the mindset that change will take consistency. 

“Nothing worth having or nothing worth anything comes overnight. Whether it be building a business, whether it be changing your body, it’s not going to be right away.”

To help fuel your success, he suggests finding an accountability partner, or what Reggie calls a ‘Battle Buddy.’ 

“To wake up and keep you motivated and give you your compliments that you need every day,” Harvey explains.

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