TAMPA, Fla. -- Ten. The number of deaths linked to the use of what's being called the super pill.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is putting the warning out.

"Don't take anything if you don't know what it is."

The super pill is made with a pain medication called Fentanyl. When used mixed with other drugs – like Oxycodone, Xanax or even heroin – it can be deadly.

"Some of these kids are dying within seconds, and I say kids some of them are 20s and older who are also dying," Bondi added.

The Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance is fighting to get the word out on the super pill.

"They want to get this super high, this extreme high," said Gary White, associate director for the alliance.

"They need to understand the perception. The harm that it's causing."

Fentanyl-laced drug problems have been linked to Tampa Bay area. White hopes talking to kids and informing people about the deadly mix will put a cap on them.

"It's a tremendous public health threat, our youth are at risk."

White says people are getting prescription drugs however they can and wherever they can: medicine cabinets, trash cans, even your car.

"This is a home drug disposal pouch," White said holding it up.

That and other methods, like locking your prescriptions up, they believe will prevent your prescription drugs from being stolen.

People might feel as though if I can get Fentanyl prescribed it can't be that bad, but if you misuse, it it can be.