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Whole Living: Fitness coach gives tips for stretching and mobility

Most of us spend the day sitting and not stretching. There are some easy steps to loosen up your body.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Think of how much time you spend sitting during the day. Do you also stretch and loosen up? 

This week in our series Whole Living we are talking about mobility. And there's a class called "Recovery and Release" that can help you loosen up your body. 

Adam Hoffman is a fitness coach that found through his years of experience as a personal trainer that people are tight and need to stretch more.

He created a class to walk you through the process. 

It starts with your posture. He says that affects everything we do: from our breath to our nervous system to circulation. 

Then, exploring our joints' range of motion by doing a total body movement, like a squat. Then using a foam roller and lacrosse ball to roll out areas we know are tight, and stretching to elongate the muscles to proper position. 

"This is you massaging your own soft tissue, your own muscle so that you help it loosen up and bring it back to its normal length so that it's not pulling on your joints and our spine and the different parts of your body that you don't want it to," says Hoffman.

Hoffman says we're allowing our bodies to adapt negatively to our lifestyles.

"When we sit for an extended period of time let’s say, our quads, our hip flexors, they tighten, which begins to pull on your pelvis which can rotate your pelvis and create pains in your lower back which can show up in your vertebrae in your spine and then into your shoulders and neck."

That's why Hoffman created the class. To help you loosen up your body and move better.