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Humbling ceremony for Coles, other Pearl Harbor survivors

PEARL HARBOR (NEWS CENTER) -- So many who answered the call to serve, a sea of white. Among them, 92-year-old Chief Petty Officer Robert Coles from Machias, Maine.

Coles, and his traveling partner Dennis Boyd are both in Hawaii thanks to the generosity of those who donated to make this 5 thousand mile journey possible.

'Very moving very humbling and quite nostalgic,' said Robert Coles. 'The Admirals, the people that were there were saying same things that I was thinking, so it spanned the generations .'

The ceremony featured many moving moments. The event also gives a navy veteran a chance to say goodbye to the place that shaped his life so many decades ago.

'We got to become united. Oh, we might have different opinions which is quite all right because that's one of the things that need to be so great. We had people of different opinions living together and working together and being nonjudgmental and harmonious together.'