ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Having a party to watch the big game? Food Safety Expert Danielle Egger with Florida Food Safety Systems has some good ideas to keep foods from spoiling and guests from getting sick. 

- Divide dips into shallow, smaller containers

- Don’t double dip! Viruses such as influenza and whooping cough may be spread from saliva on a chip.

- Replace serving platters instead of refilling them. Many hands have touched that platter, so it should be replaced.

- Provide guests with fresh plates when returning to the food table. This eliminates the potential for cross contamination from serving utensils coming in contact with soiled plates.

- Hold hot foods by placing in the oven and setting it between 200°F - 250°F.

- Discard perishable foods after two hours.

-Discard or freeze leftovers after 3-4 days.

- If someone in your home has been ill within the past 24 hours, cancel the party.

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