PONDER, Tex. -- Amanda Simpson lost her three children and boyfriend in a murder-suicide carried out by her ex-husband Justin Painter. She was shot too, but survived.

Her children have been identified as Odin Painter, 8, Caydence Painter, 6, and Drake Painter, 4.

Wednesday night and Thursday morning, a very emotional Simpson went live on Facebook to update her friends and family.

Warning: Strong language

"I don't know what to say... I'll tell you guys what happened another day, however I was shot today," Simpson said through tears in the first heartbreaking video posted Wednesday night, just hours after the shooting.

She said she may have surgery after a bullet went through her shoulder and got lodged under her opposite shoulder blade. She also broke a couple of ribs and a bone in her neck, she said.

Simpson mentions having to start planning funeral arrangements and says she's "extremely mad" at the judge who handled her divorce from Justin Painter. She said she told the judge he was mentally unstable after he tried to commit suicide last year.

The couple divorced in 2017.

She said Justin had been trying to get back together with her, but "I just couldn't."

"So now I don't have my babies," she stated in one video. "You guys know they were my everything, my purpose to breathe."

At the end of the video, Simpson said the hospital made her something and showed the camera a framed picture of her three children.

She also said she's been told to get some sleep but, "Every time I close my eyes I see my babies ... I see them dead."

"You know when you try to find happiness ... I made a selfish mistake ... and that was the outcome. I denied Justin," she said.

Simpson went live from her hospital bed twice Thursday morning, mentioning she's being medicated every 20 minutes.

Simpson thanked the people of Ponder, who held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night, and said her family wants her to move back to Virginia. She briefly mentioned her boyfriend Seth Richardson, who was also killed, and said they were "going to start a life."

At one point, while holding a picture of her children, Simpson fought tears and said, "Think about them. Don't think about me."

The shooting is still under investigating by Denton County officials and Ponder police.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Simpson to help with funeral arrangements.