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School suicide prevention training is voluntary for Florida teachers: The need to make it mandatory

10 Investigates looks at the increase of suicides among young people and the push to bring more training for suicide prevention into our schools.

Jennifer Titus, Libby Hendren

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Published: 12:10 PM EST February 16, 2023
Updated: 7:02 PM EST February 16, 2023

From a little performer to an all-star athlete.

“She had that energy and that energy about her that people just gravitated towards,” Hunter Brown said when talking about his 16-year-old daughter, McKenna. “She was the light of our life.”

McKenna was one of three children of Hunter and Cheryl Brown.

She was always an athletic girl but became dominant in the world of ice hockey.

“She was on a travel team and had talked about playing at [the University of South Florida]," explained Cheryl, McKenna’s mom. “She really and truly, she was fearless.”

The teen was also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She loved her friends and her family.

“She was very compassionate and loving, outgoing. She was very social. She was very athletic. she just, she loved people, and she loved life,” Cheryl said. “She was my best friend.”

But just a month shy of her 17th birthday, the Browns' lives would never be the same.

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