For many, their entire lives are posted on social media. But, what happens when you die? One woman said she needs access to her late brother’s Facebook page, but Facebook won’t give it to her. She decided to Turn to 10 for help.

“He was so happy that day,” Margaret Kennedy said. 

A quick glimpse at Warren Jeffries' Facebook page shows the love he had for his parents and his friends.

It’s those memories his sister wants to hold on to. She said her brother died unexpectedly in January.

“Parents aren’t supposed to outlive their kids. And he had lots of friends and he had a brand-new Facebook page. For my dad it’s very important," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said there's a video that can only be found on her brother's page.

“My dad’s dad died in World War II and back then they’d take flags and hang on the porch. So, grandpa’s flag wasn’t folded. So, one year my brother got the color guard to fold it. It was a surprise to my dad. And that video, you can only find on my brother's page,” Kennedy said. 

Kennedy said she wants to be the administrator of his Facebook page, so she can have access to those memories.

“When I was planning the funeral, I realized we didn’t have photos. There was six years difference between both of us. I would love to post those on Facebook, but I can’t.”

She said she reached out to Facebook, sent them the obituary for her brother, a screenshot of his Facebook page where it lists her as his only family.

Facebook has yet to make her an administrator. 10Investigates reached out to Facebook and they told us they would reach out to Margaret, but she still hasn’t gotten any resolution.

In her latest email with Facebook, they told her she needed a court order saying she has the right to access the account.

“I’m angry and I’m sad. It was my kid brother. I want to remember him," Kennedy said.

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone. 

This is what you need to do:

Head over to your Facebook page, click settings and privacy and then settings. From there, click account ownership and control, then click account memorialization settings.

That is where it asks you about your legacy contact. You can choose to have someone take over your Facebook when you do pass. You just enter their information. They will have control of your photos, videos and friend requests but they can't post as you or see your messages.

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