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10Investigates discovers $1M blackmail

10Investigates discovers pro wrestler Hulk Hogan was the target of a $1 million blackmail involving sex tapes
Hulk Hogan was the target of a scheme involving a sex tape.

Tampa, Florida --10Investigates has uncovered a million dollar blackmail plot targeting pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and sex tapes. However while some say there is overwhelming evidence, prosecutors are not filing charges

Most know him as Hulk Hogan. His real name is Terry Bollea. He hasn't said much since his lawsuit against the web site Gawker, but this Tampa Police report speaks volumes.

Hogan was recorded having sex with the wife of shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. Hogan became the target of a million dollar blackmail scheme.

Police conclude the scheme started when Clem's co-worker, Matthew Loyd who went by the radio name of Spice, stole the tape.

Veteran Criminal Defense Attorney John Trevena says it seems like a slam dunk for prosecutors, "It seems to be they have identified the person who stole the tape, Trevena said ,"They have clear evidence of an extortion attempt."

That clear evidence comes from an FBI taped conversation where that employee's lawyer says to Hogan's attorney:

"Wants to start negotiating, 1 million dollars"

Two weeks later the attorney lowers the price saying,

"I have authority bottom line 400,000"

And then he agrees to take "3 payments equaling 300-thousand."

However Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober refuses to prosecute. Ober says he isn't sure he could get a conviction.

Trevena says, "I'm confused as to why they would believe that."

Documents indicate Hogan was a victim.

And they show Clem was a victim because his employee stole the tapes from him.

According to Trevena, "When you have a case that is presented to prosecution that is sort of gift wrapped like this one you would think they would aggressively pursue it I'm at a loss to explain this one ."

We contacted Hogan's attorneys, they had no comment. Clem said he believes his bombastic personality may have something to do with Ober's office refusing to file charges and says he believes it is politically motivated. Meantime Hogan vs Gawker goes to court for another round of hearings Wednesday.


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