TAMPA, Fla. -- “This guy just can't get away with this you know, it's wrong.” That’s what a mother of a teenager told us in February. Now she is one step closer to getting her wish. The mom wants the man accused of molesting her daughter for years brought to justice.

10 investigates first broke this story 3 months ago.

It involved a local teenager, Alexander Pelzer, who was a so called YouTube Rock Star. The man lived in the Washington D.C. area and posted his musical videos online.

According to investigators, Pelzer was able to manipulate a local teenager to be his sex slave. When we first reported the story, the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office on the advice of the Hillsborough State Attorney's Office closed the case and said it could not pursue charges against the out of state man.

However, the State Attorney's Office took another look.

Pelzer is now facing three counts of of traveling to meet a minor, twelve counts of use of a child for sexual performance, and one count of use of a computer for sexual acts. They are all considered felonies that could put him away for a long time if convicted.

Pelzer is currently in Maryland in the Montgomery County jail. 10Investigates should know sometime Tuesday if he will fight extradition or not.

The Hillsborough State Attorney's office says it initially thought it could not prosecute Pelzer here; however, after getting addition information, the office says it is clearly a justifiable case to pursue.