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Florida inmates are making robocalls – and the state is cashing in on them

Millions of robocalls hit Tampa Bay-area phones every year. But there's a place here that's placing the calls to people elsewhere in the U.S.

Lauren Powell, Jennifer Titus, Andrew Krietz

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Published: 5:38 PM EDT May 12, 2021
Updated: 3:37 PM EDT May 18, 2021

How many times a day have you looked at your phone – many times, right? – and you see a number you don’t recognize? Maybe the screen even says "scam likely."

So, who's behind these calls? Some of the people making them might surprise you. Our 10 Investigates team looked into who could be on the other end and learned what your elected officials are doing to stop them. 

Is it enough?

For one Tampa Bay-area woman, lawmakers' efforts are too little, too late. Now, she's out almost $1,000 after picking up her phone.


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