Gulfport, Florida -- Millions of gallons of partially treated sewage have been poured into Tampa Bay by the city of St. Petersburg. And it's because the water treatment plants couldn't handle the effects of Tropical Storm Colin.

However, as 10Investigates first reported Tuesday raw sewage from St Petersburg also flowed into Clam Bayou and the city is taking heat for the way it handled the situation.

Gulfport council member Yolanda Roman is upset. ”Surprise factor, annoyance factor and both not make me feel good.”

Raw sewage flows into Clam Bayou

Roman is irate because for the second time in less than a year raw sewage from St. Petersburg is flowing into Clam Bayou.

She adds, “ The fact there was staff from the city of St. Petersburg at the discharge site and there was not anyone from the city of Gulfport present monitoring that process tells me our communications is still not fixed.”

St. Petersburg council member Karl Nurse is also critical of the way the city handled the situation. “It doesn't make sense to me. Just laying the cards on the table is the obvious thing to do.”

Nurse says Mayor Rick Kriseman and his administration are reluctant to be candid about the problem and the fact the city can't handle sewage problems without a $100 million fix.

Nurse has advice for Kriseman and his team: “Just tell the truth that's all.”

According Nurse, the first step is to take the $6 million in BP oil spill money the city has and spend it on fixing the problem rather than the projects Kriseman has proposed.