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Local vet honored for work in in-home pet euthanasia

The life cycle of being a pet owner begins with an indescribable bond, with energy, play and of course love.

Then father time takes hold and a change you know you cannot stop hits hard. You look into your pets eyes and know.

"You don't call us when you're ready you call us when you don't know what else to do," said Dr. Dani McVety, who was working in emergency vet care when a pet parent asked.

"Can I leave him in my lap can he just not be out of my lap I don't want him to be on this cold table I don't want him to touch anything else in this room other than me," said McVety.

Lap of Love was born helping pets and their owners through the most difficult time.

"It is literally the biggest honor that I have is to sit there with somebody as they're going through this experience I don't look at it as a difficult thing for me to do," said McVety.

Now two thousand families per week from across the country call Lap of Love with 90 veterinarians nationwide complete with companion grieving staff.

Dr. Dani McVety (Facebook)

"Everybody benefits from this service number one the pet because we're all in this through the love of animals, the pet parent because they get somebody to help them through the process," said McVety.

She gets countless thank you letters for providing pets with compassion, dignity and relieving owners of any guilt.

"Those families they heal more quickly they're at peace more quickly and in a way they go out and get another dog," McVety said.

You may have noticed the goofy chocolate labs in the beginning of this story. Well those were my boys let's just say 2015 was a rough year, but thanks to Dr. McVety's services we were able to grieve and rescue these two knuckle heads. Believe me I don't even want to think about but, when the time comes years from now I wouldn't have it any other way. Casey Cumley