TAMPA -- An arrest has been made in the latest clown threat that Pasco Sheriff's Office says a 12-year-old boy posted through an app that some students are using.

The boy, Bradley Prescott, is being charged as an adult with a felony, Sheriff Chris Nocco announced Tuesday.

Even though he is is only 12, he is charged as an adult. 10News WTSP is identifying him in compliance with the station's Crime Guidelines.

Nocco said the sheriff's office has a zero-tolerance policy for threats against schools.

When he was questioned, the boy told deputies he posted the threatening message on the Musical-ly music and lifestyle app because he "thought it would be funny."

Parents say the eerie post by "Clouning Around" is chilling. The post reads, "Hello I am going to kill kids at SEVEN SPRINGS MIDDLE SCHOOL on Friday the 7th of October 2016 GET READY 6th graders for your worst day and your last!!"

Parents like Nicole Devegter could hardly believe it. She has two children attending Seven Springs Middle School.

"Wow," she said. "That is crazy. It's pretty disturbing. It's very scary when you have kids there."

"It's no joke. Kids have to really realize what they're doing these days. It's not fun and games anymore," said parent Stamie Carter who kept her kids home from school today.

Just the thought of emergency responders showing up at any bay area school is enough to make you panic.
Before the arrest Stephanie Barschou, also a parent, said, "If that was my kid's school they wouldn't be going Friday - just to be safe."

Tuesday, security was tight at Seven Springs Middle School. There were several sheriff's patrol cars parked out front, along with a deputy along with a K-9 officer.

"You'll get one idiot who will do something, but I think most of it is just people trying to get attention," Barschou said,. "Yeah, it's ridiculous because now something actually could be happening and the cops can't be there because they have to guard the school all day."

Linda Cobbe, spokeswoman for the Pasco County School District, said, "It's very disruptive and we're getting tired of it."