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FREE Krispy Kreme Donuts? 2WTK: The Coupon Is A Fake!

Never trust a coupon being posted by a 3rd party. ALWAYS check the main company's page to see if the coupon truly exists.

GREENSBORO, NC – Mmmm. Donuts. And free donuts at that!

It would be so great if this Krispy Kreme coupon was real, but it’s not. Normally you see these fake coupons circulating on Facebook, but this is the first time we have seen a company do a Facebook live to make sure people saw their coupon post.

Which is why 2WTK decided to do a Facebook live on tell you the story on live TV at the same time. We want to make sure you don't get faked out by this coupon live post or any other post on Facebook.

A Krispy Kreme fan posted the coupon on Krispy Kreme's Facebook page, asking about it. The real Krispy Kreme, and you know that due to the blue checkmark, replied “this is fake. This is a scam and unauthorized by Krispy Kreme.”

2WTK emailed Krispy Kreme as well and they confirmed the coupon posted on Freebies & Giveaway is indeed fake.

2WTK also posted a need for a response about the fake coupon on the Freebies & Giveway Facebook page. So far, we haven’t heard from them.

But to help you decide when a post is real or fake or not,
We have a few tricks for you:

VERIFIED. First, anytime you see a post, check to see if the Facebook poster is verified. You know that when they have a blue check by their name.

REALLY VERIFIED. But the scammers have gotten so good, they've created their picture with this blue check.
So to make sure it's real, hover your mouse over the check and if this verified box pops up, the poster is truly verified.

GO TO THE SOURCE. When you see it's not THE company offering THEIR coupon on THEIR site, that's a red flag.

Go to the company's main page, for instance, if you go to Krispy Kreme's page and you don't see the coupon, don't be faked out.

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