Tampa, FL -- A 25-year-old man was found guilty on Friday of killing a University of Tampa student in 2009.

The jury deliberated more than three hours on Friday before returning the verdict against David Williams. He also was found guilty of robbery and attempted robbery.

Shortly after hearing the verdict, Williams also received his sentence: life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Williams was accused of murdering University of Tampa student Ryan McCall in August 2009 as McCall and a friend walked back to campus after a birthday party at a nearby bar.

Both sides admitted there was little physical evidence presented, and Williams did not take the stand in his own defense.


However, his own words in a taped confession were likely the key factor as jurors reached a verdict.

In fact, were it not for Williams' voice – his shifting stories of denial and confession, captured on police audio, his defense lawyers say prosecutors would have nothing on their client. No gun, no DNA. Not even an eyewitness to tie him to McCall's murder.

"Without that evidence there basically wouldn't be a case here," William's lawyer Byron Hileman told the jury.

But prosecutors, playing clip after clip of Williams' audio confession, say he divulged details never made public. Details only the gunman would know.

For example, the fact that McCall was shot through the arm and the contents of the victim's wallet.

Assistant State Attorney Jay Pruner told jurors Williams' defense lawyers would like them to believe the defendant was badgered and coerced into a false confession.

All a distraction, said Pruner, "to encourage you not to believe the words that came out of this defendant's mouth."

It's those words which could make the difference, though.

Despite the lack of evidence, both alternate jurors dismissed when the jury retired to deliberate, told 10 News they would have also found Williams guilty.

"I still feel like he did it. The details that he knew, that I don't think anyone else new. The media didn't know," said a Jennifer Finneran.

Finneran's fellow alternate juror, Maria Soto, agreed.

"Today, that's when I put all the little puzzles together, I'm like, no, I'm pretty sure that he was the only one he was there. And, he did it.," said Soto.

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