Polk County, FL-- Rafael Martin is doing what some would call the unthinkable. He is running 250 miles in 4 days to Tallahassee, to deliver a message to Governor Rick Scott.

"View cancer as an epidemic -- which it is -- and try to do something. Let's take a stand," said Martin. "Florida should take the lead in this."

Martin watched his mother lose a battle with cancer years back. The deadly disease runs in his family and he's running against it. It's a venture the Lake Wales science teacher has had on the books for years. He wants to spread cancer awareness and help put an end to the disease.

Also, just days before the run, he has discovered another reason to run to Tallahassee.

"After I planned it, I found out that I have prostate cancer," said Martin.

He found out the news on March 5.

"It's shocking, but I could not prevent doing this run. It makes the run to me even more important," said Martin. "I'm not only running for cancer survivors, it's for me too."

Rafael expresses that with mental toughness and focus. He is still healing from a recent biopsy and has chosen surgery over radiation and hormone therapy to treat the cancer.

"I run slowly, but steady. That's the thing, and you just keep moving and you'll get there."

Compared to fighting cancer, for Rafael Martin, "getting there" will be a jog in the park.

Governor Scott's office announced in January that the state will commit to donating $80 million to cancer research.