LARGO, FL -- Five years on Earth is all it took for a little girl to make a big impact on so many.

For the third time now, dozens gathered Sunday to remember Phoebe Jonchuck. Her father John is accused of throwing her off of a bridge near the Sunshine Skyway.

While that's now how she'll be remembered, every year is a painful reminder of her death.

Reporter: Does it get any easier?

"No," said Margo Adams-Reid.

"It's still really hard every year. An emotional journey that you go through to experience this and remember this little girl."

Adams-Reid has planned "Flowers for Phoebe" every year since Phoebe's death in January 2015. Bikers meet at Wild Willy's bar where they raise money in Phoebe's name then ride together to where she died.

They pray and toss flowers.

It was especially emotional for Michele Jonchuck, Phoebe's grandmother or mama as she used to call her.

"She loved flowers, we always had a garden," she said.

"With me, her memory will always be alive and knowing that other people feel like I do is amazing."

No amount of time or words can explain why something like this happened, but those remembering her want to make sure it wasn't done in vain.

"You balance it if you can do something good, if you can bring people together, if they can raise money that goes to something good," Adams-Reid said.

Each year, all the proceeds from Flowers for Phoebe go to a scholarship to help a local college student.

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