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Lost stuffed puppy gets spa day before being reunited with owner

A little boy lost his stuffed dog right next door to a dog groomers. While the pair were separated, the dog was having fun on a spa day.

STANDISH, Maine — When a little boy lost his stuffed dog in Standish, his mom went right to the town's community Facebook page. She posted and asked if anyone had seen the dog.

Caitlyn Brundage saw the post and knew that the dog was left right next to Lavish Dog Spa, which she owns. She wasn't there at the time but she told her groomers about it.

One of her groomers went outside and saw the dog sitting on the bench. She picked him up and brought him into the dog spa.

Bri Ring said she couldn't didn't want the little boy to be worried about his dog.

"I was a little kid once and I always loved having stuffed animals and I didn't want this little boy to worry that his little stuffed dog was on the bench and sad and alone so he gets to hang out with us and have a good time," Ring said.

So Ring gave the dog the whole spa treatment. A bath, brushed hair, and a cute bow for him to wear when he gets back home.

"We like to have fun so we took pictures of the dog having a spa because how could you not? A lost puppy outside a dog spa gets a spa!" Brundage said with a laugh.

Brundage posted the photos of the dog on the Facebook post.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine

The puppy was reunited with his owner on Sunday morning and Brundage and Ring said the little boy was so excited to see his puppy.