The Tampa Bay area is home to hundreds of conventions. Some of them are not so conventional.

Fetish Con 2016 has taken over the Hilton in downtown St. Petersburg.

Mike Eversole with Fetish Con describes it like this, "It's the festival of kink. It means come here and let it all go."

And that's exactly what people are doing here all weekend long. From costumes, to contraptions, people who come here will get to see exactly what this alternative lifestyle is all about.

Max Candy is with a company called Whiplr, a messenger app that helps you find like-minded people close by. "So many interesting people doing what they wanna do and being honest with themselves and having fun living their life."

And Fetish Con isn't the only interesting convention in the area this weekend. The Grandy Brony Gala for fans of the cable cartoon "My Little Pony" is happening in Tampa, not to mention last weekend's Comic con.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn says there's a reason people like to come to this area. "I think it's great. You know, whatever floats your boat. I think part of it is ... this is a great destination and I think the other part of it is, folks know we're a very welcoming city that we don't pass judgment."

Organizers of Fetish Con agree. For many years they held this convention in Tampa and only last year moved to St. Pete and they are thrilled with the reception. "Wonderfully, better than we could have expected. They've been very open armed. The Chamber had a lunch for us and the nearby businesses have made it a point to welcome us." said Eversole.

Goddess Lilith is also a part of the convention, "I think a lot of people have misconceptions about BDSM as a whole and think it's this kind of scary and dark think. Everybody here is awesome, super friendly. We don't bite unless you want us to."

Fetish Con has rented out the entire hotel for the weekend, so no worries about awkward encounters. The only people who will be there are the ones who want to be there.

Fetish Con is all weekend at the Hilton in downtown St. Pete. They are expecting around 5,000 people to attend.

The Grand Brony Gala goes through Sunday at the Sheraton in East Tampa.