APOPKA, Fla. - WKMG reports that an Orange County neighborhood had an unexpected visitor this week.

A hungry black bear decided to make himself at home helping himself to trash near Dustin Radney's house.

Radney decided to take advantage of the situation by taking photos and video of the bear.

"Just a bear hanging out in the neighborhood - a 400 pound bear," Radney said while showing video of the bear toppling over a trash can.

Radney displayed his sense of humor with commentary and a little creative editing.

He photoshopped a picture of his son riding on the back of the bear and saying, "This is what's wrong with nature today - they don't eat healthy," as the video showed the bear digging into the trash to eat leftovers. "That's why they're so fat. They're obese."

"It was really entertaining. He was just chilling and eating some trash, and after he was done eating the trash, he took about an hour nap," Radney said.

What the video and pictures don't show are the Orange County deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) officers standing nearby monitoring the bear's behavior.

Radney and the other neighbors stayed about 50 yards away throughout the experience.

FWC reminded people to never approach a bear and to keep trash bins inside until their designated pick-up day.

The fall is usually an active time for black bears as they are getting ready for hibernation. During this time, they need at least 20,000 calories a day and will eat anything that is convenient, including trash.