SARASOTA COUNTY -- A homeowner found a huge surprise when she discovered a large boa slithering through her attic.

Linda van der Herchen said her son Adam heard a noise coming from the utility room and saw a snake through a gap in the ceiling.

The homeowner's husband took this picture of the snake and then called Animal Control. The officers were called to the home twice and they originally told them it was a diamond back rattlesnake. Animal Control was not able to get the snake out either times because it disappeared into the rafter before they got there.

After posting the video to Facebook, Linda was referred to a guy named Mark Lampert. Lampert came to the house to capture the snake and while looking for it he found a large snakeskin-- indicating the snake had been there for awhile. (The average snake sheds its skin two to four times a year.)

After two hours of searching for the reptile, Lampert was able to find the snake and it wasn't a rattlesnake -- but a Columbian red tail boa.

Only in Florida!