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Bradenton police tell how double murder suspect was caught

On the day after a mother and grandfather were found murdered in Bradenton, police continue to call the murders strange, but they’re not yet able to say why they are so strange.

By:Dave Balut

Bradenton, Florida - Nineteen-year-old Clifford Anthony Davis is being held without bond in the murders of his mother Stephanie Davis, and his grandfather Joel Hill.Police say Davis confessed, but they’re still not saying how he did it, or why.The lieutenant supervising the investigation says it appears the murders happened sometime Sunday morning, the day before the bodies were discovered inside a garage apartment at 1818 6th Avenue West.Lt. Keith Davis, Bradenton Police Department: ”We believe at this time that he had gotten a ride from the Grandfather over back to his residence where the mother resides.”The lieutenant says investigators found Davis because he used his mother’s cell phone before the murder to call a taxi. The taxi driver led police to a duplex at 611 W. 60th Avenue Terrace, where Davis was hiding after the murders at a female friend’s home.Lt. Davis:“He had told witnesses later on he had been involved in a knife fight.”Davis says it appears neither drugs nor alcohol was involved in the double homicide.Bradenton police have finished their work at the crime scene but investigators are still trying to learn as much as they can about a young man who’s confessed to killing both his mother and grandfather.