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10-year-old investor cashes in on GameStop stock rise

Jaydyn, a boy from San Antonio, received GameStop shares as a Kwanzaa gift in 2019. He cashed in his stock for more than 50 times what they cost.

SAN ANTONIO — GameStop has the world’s attention on Wall Street this week with small-scale retail investors bringing in big bucks all over the country. In San Antonio, a 10-year-old was able to cash in his stock for more than 50 times what they cost.

GameStop’s stock price continued to surge Friday morning. Shares in the brick & mortar video game store have become a favorite cause for the Reddit community wall street bets. They turned driving the stock price up into a meme.

Images from TV shows and movies like 300, Independence Day, and Braveheart are accompanied on the pages with posts that read:

“Hold the line,” “I live in a car, and I'm 💎👐 to the MOON,” and “You are witnessing Hedge Funds Panic! DON’T SELL."

On the internet, it might look like an epic battle, but for 10-year-old Jaydyn Carr, it has created a pleasant surprise.

When his mother got an alert about the way the stocks were behaving, she rushed into his room and pulled him out of his virtual class.

“Is this reality? Is this really happening?” he asked.

Jaydyn received GameStop shares as a Kwanzaa gift in 2019. His mother paid $60 to buy him 10 shares in the spirit of Ujamaa, representing cooperative economics.

“It’s just to teach them economics or financial responsibility” Jaydyn’s mother Nina said. “That was the way that I could fuse his interest in video games with economics.”

After the stock prices began to skyrocket in the past few days, he had the choice to hold on or cash out. He decided to sell his shares for over three thousand dollars.

Jaydyn says he plans to continue to invest, but most of it is going into savings.

“I plan to save about, around $2,200 of that," he said. "The rest of that, $1,000 I’m going to use to invest in Microsoft and RoBlox and other dividend companies.”


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