Too often tragedy is forgotten because it it followed by another.

At the time nine years ago, newspapers quoted a police officer who called the abuse of a 12-year-old boy the worst he'd ever seen.

Beaten with an extension cord and aerosol can, he had a skull fracture, broken nose, broken arm and burns to his arms. According to an arrest affidavit, the boy told police his left arm was placed on a hot stove because he refused to wash his hands with soap and water.

"I don't keep that in my head, I just move on and I thank God that I'm alive and it's working out just fine," said Montrell Patrick.

Montrell  Patrick
Montrell  Patrick

Fine because he found a family somewhere else: at school.

"Help is the key and Solid Rock got it right there for you," Patrick said.

Solid Rock Community School took Patrick in for free. The small, private school in Tarpon Springs understood a lesson was lacking in his life: Love.

"Montrell needed accommodations, he needed support, he needed help and most of all he needed a lot of love," said Michele Fasnacht, who founded the school.

Patrick has developmental disabilities which delayed his graduation. He's 21-years-old.

"If that's what they need, we are going to be there for them, we are not going to give up on them," Fasnacht said.

Instead of forgotten in the foster care system, Patrick is walking away with his high school diploma and a future. He's been accepted into a trade school.