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Clearwater police lieutenant meets 9-year-old who wants to be police officer

The 9-year-old lost his "CPD" letters he had gotten a few years back and his mom asked the department for a replacement.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — One 9-year-old in Clearwater received a special visit from a Clearwater police officer over the weekend.

Lt. Michael Spitaleri made a new friend in Joshua who is 9 years old and says he wants to be a police officer one day, the Clearwater Police Department said in a release.

Joshua's mother said a few years back he received "CPD" letters from an officer who took it right off his lapel and gave it to him for being brave while the Clearwater police officers were working a case in his neighborhood.

Recently, the letters went missing and his mom asked the Clearwater Police Department if he could have another set to replace the lost set. 

Credit: Clearwater Police Department
Lt. Michael Spitaleri and Joshua, 9-year-old who wants to be a police officer one day.

Spitaleri hand-delivered the new letters and included a bag of goodies for the young boy. He even invited the 9-year-old to join the Clearwater Police Department once he graduated from high school and attended college.

His mom told the department that, after the visit, he told everyone about his meeting with the lieutenant and wore the letters to school Monday.