Every morning when he walks through the door to the office, Greg Wiley is greeted by the intoxicating aroma of coffee. The air at Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company packs a fragrant punch and the flavors are no different.

“It’s good,” Wiley said with an understated chuckle. “Sometimes I go home and I’m wired.”

Sipping on coffee all day has it’s perks for Joffrey’s vice president of sales. Lately, the biggest perk has come from outside the building.

“It’s very easy to write a check,” said Joffrey’s President and CEO Ted Abrams. "That’s they easiest thing to do but to develop a product line that has a direct correlation to financial incentive back to the military just takes it one step further.”

Sitting on the table just behind Abrams is a poster for Joffrey’s newest blend: Valor.

“It’s bold,” said Abrams.

Its mission is, as well.

“I have a son who is in Special Operations so to be able to see it first hand and to give some stuff back to them is very rewarding on both fronts,” said Wiley.

Joffrey’s is packaging its bold, new coffee with the intentions of giving away a portion of the profits from its sale. For every bag sold online, the company will donate $1 to an organization called Task Force Dagger, which will distribute that money to families of U.S. military men and women serving our country. They will also donate 25 cents per pound of coffee sold to the cause.

The idea is, they want to support current soldiers and not wait until their time of service ends.

“We did some research and found out that honor really meant for the fallen men and women and, although (the name) is not important, we really wanted to focus on the men and women who are (serving) today, still here with us that we can personally touch,” said Abrams. That’s how we came up with Valor.

“To me putting your lives on the line is the boldest initiative you can do.”

Across town at Datz restaurant, the impact is already being felt. Datz is a five-minute drive from MacDill Air Force Base and service men and woman have been pleased to find a local company giving back to military members.

“We’re actually going to donate an additional dollar to match that with the retail sold here at Datz,” said restaurant representative Tony Pullaro. “Anything to support our troops, anyone in the forces, it’s absolutely.”

That’s why Joffrey’s brewed up the Valor idea.

“To us it really was pretty simple to do something like this,” said Abrams. “Personally, I just don’t think our men and women of the military get the recognition that they need.”

The blend is sold online and in select stores around Tampa Bay. Joffrey’s is the official coffee of the U.S. Navy.