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COVID-19 impacting Midland County employees

30 employees have COVID-19, and only two of those that are infected were vaccinated, according to Midland County Human Resources.

MIDLAND, Texas — COVID-19 is making its way through the community, and county employees are no exception.

“You know for each employee, they have families, they have children, we ultimately are all impacted, I mean as a community," said Robert Segura, Midland County Human Resources Director.

There are currently 30 Midland County employees that have COVID-19, with only two of them being vaccinated.

The Midland County HR director addressed the Midland County commissioners to see if they thought actions should be taken to stop the spread.

However, everyone seemed to agree that it’s up to the individual.

"Since we're a government entity, we can't require that anyone wear a mask, so it's up to personal choice, that's pretty much what we're down to is personal choice," said Segura.

Officials also hoped the FDA's approval of the Pfizer vaccine would help persuade employees to get vaccinated.

But for now, they're just keeping tabs on the numbers like the rest of the community.

“At this point, commissioners court meets once every two weeks, so I'm going to go back and pull some more statistics, and give clearer updates as to where we stand,” said Segura.