ST. PETERSBURG — This is it: 69 votes.

That's the number that separated the candidates in the St. Pete mayoral primary back in August.

Such a close margin-- there's no telling what might happen at the polls tomorrow between Mayor Rick Kriseman, and former Mayor Rick Baker.

If you don't think your vote counts, we’re here to tell you it does.

Just a few dozen people, fewer than a bus full, a couple of rows in a movie theater gave Mayor Rick Kriseman the edge over Rick Baker in the primary.

LINK: Find polling locations and sample ballots

And it's still a tight race going into the general election.

This race holds the future for how many more gallons of raw sewage may be dumped into Tampa Bay.

Same goes for whether the Rays will stay in the city, or how millions of dollars in Tropicana Field redevelopment will be spent.

And it's gotten nasty.

Ads from Rick Baker have attacked Kriseman and members of his staff head-on.

And ones from Kriseman tie Baker to President Trump!

Our 10News political expert says you have to go back more than 20 years to find an election this negative, back to 1994, an election decided between east and west Sst. Pete and full of race-related controversy.

Now we have the most expensive mayor's race in city history at a time when cities like St. Pete are being watched nationally as an indicator of how well President Trump is doing.

“It also will be who controls this part of the region in the upcoming gubernatorial election, the United States Senate election here in Florida and then of course in 2020 when the presidential election happens again,” said 10News political expert Dr. Las Hafner.

“Because if Rick Baker becomes mayor, will he help Donald Trump for reelection in 2020 and give them an edge in the state of Florida? Or if Rick Kriseman is reelected as mayor, will he be able to help the Democratic candidate and maybe win Florida back for the Democrats? That's why local politics matters.”

Go. And. Vote.

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