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Couple marries, 60 years after first date

In 1945, Richard Turner met a young woman he would never forget. But a short time after meeting Annette Edwards, Richard was called off to serve his country. Almost 60 years later, Richard went looking for that young girl and today the couple is married.

2006 Emmy Winner: Feature News Report (no time limit)

Preston Rudie, Gene Yeagle2006 Emmy Winner: On Camera Talent (Reporter Features/Human Interest)

Preston Rudie2006 Emmy Winner: Photographer (News)

Gene Yeagle2006 Emmy Winner: Editor (News)

Gene YeagleBarefoot Beach, Florida - In 1945, Richard Turner decided to visit a friend at Iowa State. But when Richard got to Ames, Iowa, he never made it to his friend's. Instead he met Ann Edwards at the student union and ended up spending the weekend with her at her parents.When Richard returned to Missouri, where he was going to school, he continued writing to Ann. But after being called up to serve his country, Richard and Ann eventually lost touch. However, Richard never forgot her.DL>

Richard Turner:
"How could you forget a girl that looked like that? There's just no way."
Ann Jessen Turner:
"Our lives went on and I was 17, he was 18. And I don't think you make big important decisions at that time."
Richard Turner:
"That's what I see, yet when I look at her is that beautiful young girl."

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