SIESTA KEY, Fla. — An iconic oyster bar is using its just as iconic resources to help people trying to overcome the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar is donating $14,000 off their own walls towards hurricane relief, our news partners at WWSB report

The bar is known for allowing bar patrons from all over the world to staple and hang their own dollars on their walls, which has given the bar its own iconic flair. The dollar bill decorations have become so popular, the dollars started covering the walls and ceiling. 

Now, those dollars are being used to give back and help others who really need it.

“Beginning on September, when we started seeing all of the footage coming back from the Bahamas and just about the destruction after news and media was able to get in there after the storm, it just became very apparent to us that we needed to do something,” Kristin Hale, General Manager of Siesta Key Oyster Bar, told WWSB.

The bar staff aren't the only ones who have taken notice and are impressed with the gesture.

"People put money up here to remember themselves, now it’s actually going to help some other people, so that’s pretty cool," a couple visiting from Canada said as they mentioned how "impressed" they were with the idea. 

Now, there's a little extra space for dollar bills at the bar.

The bar has a total goal of $15,000 and continues to raise money for hurricane relief.

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