TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - It seems Florida will not emerge unscathed from the recent trend of sexual harassment revelations of power brokers.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that investigators have found surveillance equipment which has recorded legislators, lobbyists, and other public officials living on the sixth floor in the Tennyson condominiums while the Florida legislature was in it's 2017 session.

Dozens of public officials live at the Tennyson condominiums in Tallahassee.

Other legislators have been recorded in some questionable circumstances including Senators Jeff Clemens (D - Lake Worth) and Jack Latvala (R - Clearwater).

The photos and videos are not random cellphone pictures; they are the work of private investigators whose research has fueled a growing number of rumors regarding sexual harassment and infidelity among Florida lawmakers and lobbyists.

Senator Oscar Braynon (D - Miami Gardens) originally found the sixth floor camera at the Tennyson and handed it over to the building concierge who then called the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

The camera belonged to a private investigator, Derek Uman from Gainesville. Uman is seen on the camera moving it from one spot to another.

After an investigation, FDLE determined that no criminal activity took place and that "Derek Uman was acting within the full scope of the law as a licensed private investigator within the state of Florida."

Uman has not revealed who he is working for, which has some lawmakers concerned.

Senator Braynon knows, "the sheer threat of political operatives and legislators hiring investigators to spy on each other will have a 'terrible, toxic effect' on trust among lawmakers, who are already holding committee meetings in preparation for the next legislative session scheduled to start on January 9."