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Florida woman says a complete stranger was added to her SunPass account

Tawny Brown noticed charges from a vehicle she didn’t recognize on roads she hadn’t driven and the stranger’s personal information on her account.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A Florida woman says a complete stranger wound up on her SunPass account, and that she’s been getting charged for that stranger’s tolls since at least 2017.

Tawny Brown lives in Merritt Island and said she only started checking her SunPass account online after the service stopped automatic withdrawals from her bank account. That’s when she noticed charges from a vehicle she didn’t recognize, on roads she hadn’t driven and the stranger’s personal information on her account including his name, address and license plate number.

“I don’t know who this person is, I don’t know how he ended up on my account. I don’t know how we’re getting billed for his toll charges, but he’s on my account and so are pictures of his car and his home address and everything else,” Brown said. “We’ve just been in limbo and I’ve stopped paying it because we don’t know whether or not the charges that are on there are ours or the other guys'. It’s just been a nightmare.”

Brown says she has been disputing the charges on the SunPass website for months, but only recently got a call back from the Florida Department of Transportation saying they were looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, she’s left wondering how this happened and what other information may be out there.

“No real answer as to how any of this could have happened or anything like that,” Brown added. “But it’s kind of concerning, especially when you think about that man’s personal information is on my account, who has access to my information? My license plate numbers and my home address and that personal information. It’s scary and it’s not right.”

FDOT was unable to comment on the case because information on SunPass customers’ accounts are protected by state law, but a spokesperson for FDOT told 10News she had never heard of something like this happening before.

Customers have four options for disputing faulty SunPass toll charges: (a) via phone through the customer service hotline at 888-TOLL-FLA; (b) through the SunPass website; (c) through the SunPass mobile app; (d) or in person at any SunPass customer service center.

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