"I dove off the top of the car and caught him," said. Robert Tramontana.

In 2011, Robert Tramontana saved a man who drove off the Howard Frankland Bridge. More than a year later, the fishing captain dove in the water to cool off near Crystal River and shattered his neck leaving him paralyzed.

"It just wasn't a thought that he wasn't going to get better."

Immediately, his family realized Tramontana needed more therapy than insurance would pay for. "You need special equipment and machinery costs hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Robert's family formed Tighten The Drag Foundation so they could help others with spinal cord injuries get specialized therapy.

"All the things that I was going through, or we were as a family, we knew we had to not recreate the wheel for others," said Tramontana.

Over the years, the foundation has awarded $20,000 in scholarships to people like Tony Sudduth.

"Almost two years ago I broke my neck," Sudduth said.

Tighten The Drag was able to help Tony walk again. "Through fundraising, donations and sponsors they helped me pay for my therapy."

"We know that recovery is possible we know that you can walk again," said Tramontana.

A special little boy, seven-year-old Hayden from Alabama, will be going to Disney with his family thanks to the foundation.

"If they want to go zip lining or hand gliding or parasailing or whatever these are things that help their mind and their spirit," said Tramontana.

The foundation's fundraising fishing tournament is this Saturday and even though this mother's dream of helping her own son walk again hasn't come true yet, she's not giving up.

"I always have hope that your body is always trying to find a way to recover," said Tramontana.