Losing to your wife can be tough sometimes.

That’s why Bob Guerrini never plays Arlene in shuffleboard.

“My wife. No question,” he said at the Pinellas Park Senior Center Wednesday morning when asked who was a better shuffler. “Maybe she’s trying to make me look good.”

Nobody looks good across the court from Arlene. She and her husband have been playing regularly, sometimes six days per week, for 14 years.

They both turned pro a year after taking up the sport. Arlene earned Hall of Fame honors a few years later.

Although, you’d never know it.

“Those two people are the most humble people and Arlene is so good,” said Linda Keen, who runs the shuffleboard program at the Pinellas Park Senior Center. “But, she doesn’t like to say, ‘Yeah, I’d beat you!’”

She lets others brag for her.

“She’s one of the best in Florida,” said fellow player, Clair. “She has bragging rights.”

Even over her husband.

“He’s very good as well but he’s probably not as good as his wife,” chuckled Leo Blumhagen.

“He’s very proud,” Arlene said.

The couple travels the state to play in tournaments. They have been married for over 60 years.